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Microba Life Sciences (ASX:MAP) is a precision microbiome company driven to improve human health. With world-leading technology for measuring the human gut microbiome, Microba is driving the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for major chronic diseases and delivering gut microbiome testing services globally to researchers, clinicians, and consumers. Through partnerships with leading organisations, Microba is powering the discovery of new relationships between the microbiome, health and disease for the development of new health solutions.


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Australian Securities Exchange

Registered Office

Level 10, 324 Queen St
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Telephone: +61 1300 974 621

Share Registry

Automic Pty Ltd
Level 5, 126 Phillip St
Sydney, NSW 2000


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Pasquale Rombola – Chairman
Professor Ian Hector Frazer – Deputy Chairman
Dr Caroline Popper – Non-Executive Director
Richard Bund – Non-Executive Director
Professor Gene Tyson – Non-Executive Director
Dr Hyungtae Kim – Non-Executive Director
Jacqueline Fernley – Non-Executive Director


Senior management

Dr Luke Reid – Chief Executive Officer
James Heath – Chief Financial Officer, Joint Company Secretary
Peter Webse – Joint Company Secretary


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Simon Hinsley
Investor / Media Relations


Right to receive documents

Notice of rights of members to elect how to receive certain documents

Microba Life Sciences Limited (Company) gives notice pursuant to section 110K of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act) to its members of their right to (Shareholders):

  • elect to receive or not receive certain documents; and
  • make requests to be sent certain documents in physical or electronic form.


Relevant Documents

Documents covered by this notice:

  • documents that relate to a meeting of Shareholders, e.g. Notice of Meeting and Proxy Form, and any accompanying documents;
  • the Annual Report (comprising the Financial Report, Directors’ Report and Auditor’s Report on the Financial Report); and
  • a notice of members’ rights under section 110K of the Corporations Act (such as this notice), unless the notice is readily available on a website, together with any other documents prescribed by relevant regulations,
    (Prescribed Documents).


Your right to make an election

Each Shareholder is entitled to:

  • elect to be sent the Prescribed Documents in either physical form or electronic form; or
  • elect not to be sent the Annual Report (and any other documents prescribed by the relevant regulations),

by notifying the Company of their election (Standing Election).

A Shareholder may make an election in relation to all Prescribed Documents, or a specified class(es) of Prescribed Documents.

The Company encourages all Shareholders to receive communications electronically, to ensure that they stay informed, and assist the Company in reducing the environmental impacts of the business and costs.

In addition to any Standing Election, a Shareholder is also entitled to request that the Company send a particular Prescribed Document, in physical form or in electronic form on an ad hoc basis.


Notifying the Company

Notifying the Company of your election or request on how to receive Prescribed Documents

You can make your election and/or request by contacting our share registry directly at:
t +61 2 9698 5414