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Telephone: (+61) 1300 974 621
Corporate Information
Australian Securities Exchange
Legal Form of Entity
Microba Life Sciences Limited is a publicly-listed
company whose shares are listed on the
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
and are traded under the code ‘MAP’.
Registered Office
ABN: 82 617 096 652
Microba Life Sciences Limited
Level 10, 324 Queen St
Brisbane, QLD 4000

Telephone: (+61) 1300 974 621
Board of Directors
Pasquale Rombola – Chair, Non-Executive Director
Professor Ian Frazer – Deputy Chair, Non-Executive Director
Richard Bund – Non-Executive Director
Professor Gene Tyson – Non-Executive Director
Dr Hyungtae Kim – Non-Executive Director
Jacqueline Fernley – Non-Executive Director
Company Secretary
Peter Webse – Joint Company Secretary
James Heath – Chief Financial Officer, Joint Company Secretary
Senior Management
Dr Luke Reid – Chief Executive Officer
James Heath – Chief Financial Officer
Share Registry
Automic Pty Ltd
Level 5, 126 Phillip St
Sydney, NSW 2000
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